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31 August 2008

Yea, I know its a slow update >0< Iíve other 2 manga which Im working on, Katekyou Hitman Reborn Doujin and LOVExHATE. If you are free, feel free to look for me in AarinFantasy forum, nickname in AarinFantasy is erilly.


15 June 2008

SB NOT DEAD!! Yea, its true!!! Even though this page not updated but the manga is keep up. BTW, if you wish to see my artworks, do visit me at


29 September 2007

I just arrived home yesterday and all that I got in mind was to update this manga (got only 2 new pages with me ><). The update is inconsistency, so hope you people can understand><. I got homesick lately and this is why I'm here^^  Ok, enough for the boring talk, do enjoy the latest page.


p/s - Though, the update are sux, but at least I have improved the quality of pages.

p/s - Next page up on 2 Oct 2007. Third pages not confirm yet.


24 June 2007

Here are the new pages. Sorry for the late update. I got a bit problem to access the internet lately. I got update the Archives page.


25 May 2007

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ Again, I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

This time I'm back without burden at all. I've finished my final exams and all. So I've plenty of time in front of computer. Therefore, enjoy your meal.


25 April 2007

Weeee~ I'm back!! Even though just a little time, I'm glad to be home *kiss my SB* As promised I have open up 'Gallery' section with some SB illustrations which some of they may contains unsafe artwork. Other than that, new comic pages are up. Have a good time and thank you for supporting this webcomic. *back to work*



25 March 2007

Hi minna-sama~ I'm back after almost 3 weeks struggling in my campus. *Chu~kiss my website*. Ok, back to the business, I'm closing my DA account and leave it without any notice (I'm not getting banned! I just request to get myself banned). I can't tell you the reasons because the reasons are very stupendous. Therefore, I'm going to use this opportunity to apologize to all my fellow DA who knows me. Now, since my DeviantArt is dead, I was THINKING to open up my own website with full of my artworks, include all my junks and ugly sketches. But I dunno if I've enough time to work on it >.< Hmm....what else....oh! New pages update!! I know the update is slow but at least it still on-going rather than discontinue (sometimes I do have thought to discontinue this manga). Besides that, I'm going to reopen 'Gallery Page' sooner, please look forward it. Tomorrow I'm going back to campus, I'm not sure if I could go back home this weekend, if I end up stay there again I won't be around here next week *sob sob*.


1 March 2007

Nothing much to update. The updates is slower and its going to get more slower in the future. Can't be help since I'm very busy to prepare for my assessments and to finish my final projects.  Anyway, plz enjoy the latest comic.



11 February 2007

Updated comics.

Repair target frame for some links

Updated 'Characters page'.

Put more SB link banners (see below of this page)


26 January 2007

Wish you a late Happy New Year xD

Sorry to keep you readers waiting >.<



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